Greet Keppens

Greet Keppens

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    • Manufacturing
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    • Change Management
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Business Mentor profile

  • Successful in implementing change management in multi-site and multicultural organizations.
  • Inspiring and decisive people manager, experienced in building and leading effective, lean, multicultural teams, including virtual teams.
  • Participative leader, with a positive track record in fast-changing environments.

Unique Greet

There is nothing more relaxing for mountain gal Greet than nature in its most pristine and wild form. Bolivia, Ecuador, and Kyrgyzstan have left an everlasting impression. Beauty, diversity, and balance give her energy.

She is a book glutton. Currently, on her nightstand lies 'The 100-year life' by Lynda Gratton (how do you keep going for a very long time and reinvent yourself when everyone turns 100 years old?) and the Martin family by Foenkinos. Mostly classical music, but also modern genres she enjoys listening to. Art and architecture move her, sometimes Greet needs to be immersed in art to recharge her batteries. She spends time gardening, walking, and with family and relatives. Greet finds it essential that we are committed to others and embrace a multi-cultural world, with education as the key to getting people out of poverty. As a volunteer of the Soroptimist organization, Greet helps educate, empower and enable women and girls to improve their lives.

Helping people understand their strengths, motivating them to dare to change, and seeing them flourish motivates Greet. It is a leader's responsibility that people are always employable in the labor market, can connect with the mission and vision, and have fun in their work.

Young Greet, she'd advise being available for those close to your heart. In times of adversity, you can count on family and real friends. Also, she'd advise not to take yourself too seriously. "A wise man always keeps the simplicity of a child." Keep looking at the world with admiration, wonder, and openness. Stay true to yourself and your words, and make sure those values match your employer's value framework. Be courageous; dare to react when your values are trampled. Don't get caught in a golden cage. Success is not accumulated wealth; success is the ability to touch people's hearts.

Heroes are the millions of people who selflessly work to give other people a safe and healthier life. Volunteer care; those who have fought for women's voting rights; those who promote diversity, equality, and inclusion, and those who are dedicated to stopping climate change are the true heroes.

Greet lives by the mottos: "Le bonheur, c'est celui des autres" (happiness is other people's happiness) and "Le bonheur, cest pas à la fin de la route mais c'est la route" (happiness is not at the end of the road but is the road). Enjoy the road you walk, be happy with the little things of life.

  • “Greet is very clear in her explanations of tips & tricks. She also helped me to make my goals more concrete and reachable by sharing her good and bad experiences.“

    • Head of Legal & Compliance

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