Team mentoring

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Mentoring a management team that steers the organization:

  • For management teams with a common challenge
  • Team mentoring is facilitated by one mentor
  • We always start with an in-depth analysis of the context and the needs
  • The mentor shares their experiences and advice with the management team and facilitates peer learning
  • Active follow-up of the implementation
  • Like in individual mentoring, we measure the impact of team mentoring at several moments throughout the journey.

Examples of team mentoring

Case 1: Bringing the leadership team of a fast-growing consultancy firm to the next level

Mentees: management team of seven managers and two founders

Mentoring objectives:

  • Create more unity within the management team
  • Make roles, responsibilities, and mandates clear and respect them
  • Delegate and empower people at all levels
  • Spend more time on strategic management
  • Take ownership and accountability
  • Create a culture of open professional feedback
  • Take a holistic view of challenges (move away from silo thinking)

Case 2: Tackling the growing pains of an IT company by boosting the leadership capacity of the management team

Mentees: management team of five founding partners

Mentoring objectives:

  • Bring the underlying frustrations above the waterline
  • Name and openly discuss the elephants in the room
  • Define clear roles based on strengths and potential
  • Find a balance between operational involvement and the future of the company
  • Deal with feedback in a constructive way
Team mentoring

Team mentoring

  • Min. 6 months

  • Sessions of ½ day

  • Every four to eight weeks

  • In-company or at an external location

  • 1 mentor per session

  • Coordinated by Ambits

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