Group mentoring

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Mentoring a group of managers at a similar level in the organization:

  • For groups of managers with a common challenge
  • Group mentoring is facilitated by one or more mentors depending on the size of the group
  • We always start with an in-depth analysis of the context and the needs
  • The mentors share their experiences and advice with the group and facilitate peer learning
  • Active follow-up of the implementation
  • Like in individual mentoring, we measure the impact of group mentoring at several moments throughout the journey.

Examples of group mentoring

Case 1: How to make hybrid work successfully in a bank & insurance company?

Mentees: ten first-line managers

Mentoring objectives:

  • Use the burning platform of hybrid working to turn managers into leaders.
  • Discover which leadership approach fits best in a hybrid working environment.
  • Build strong human connections within your team.
  • Learn to lead with empathy.
  • Move from micromanagement to trust-based leadership.
  • Deal with the uncertainties that are inherent to a new way of working.

Case 2: Develop self-leadership & career ownership in a large logistics company

Mentees: eight warehouse Team Leaders

Mentoring objectives:

  • Build solid self-insight.
  • Change the world; start with yourself.
  • Take ownership of your career path.
  • Exchange leadership best practices with peers.
  • Communicate with impact.

Case 3: Dealing with change & transformation in a mid-sized production company

Mentees: thirteen production leads

Mentoring objectives:

  • Develop an agile mindset to adapt to a fast-changing environment
  • Work more proactively and independently, reducing the need for top-down management
  • Move towards a more innovation-driven business
  • Develop bottom-up intrapreneurship
  • Apply the appropriate communication style to facilitate effective collaboration
Group mentoring


Group mentoring

  • Min. 6 months

  • Sessions of ½ day

  • Every four to eight weeks

  • In-company or at an external location

  • 1 mentor per session

  • Coordinated by Ambits

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