Group mentoring

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Mentoring a management team or a group of managers on people & behavior:

  • For management teams or groups of managers with a common challenge
  • Group mentoring is facilitated by one or more mentors depending on the size of the group
  • We always start with an in-depth analysis of the context and the needs
  • The mentors share their experiences and advice with the group and facilitate peer learning
  • Active follow-up of the implementation
  • Like in individual mentoring, we measure the impact of group mentoring at several moments throughout the journey.

Mentoring leaders and managers on strategy & tactics:

  • In the form of a council of mentors (composition can change over time, depending on the needs of the company)
  • As a long-term sounding board
  • For the C-suite; portfolio, program, project managers; and business units or departments heads
  • Group



    • 6 months

    • Sessions of 2 to 4h

    • At least every four weeks

    • In-company or at an external location

    • 1 mentor per session

    • Facilitated by Ambits

  • tactics & strategy

    Group mentoring on

    tactics & strategy

    • Min. 1 year

    • Sessions of 2 to 4h

    • Min. 3 sessions/yr

    • At an external location

    • Min. 3 mentors

    • Fully organized by Ambits

  • The Ambits Mentoring Methodology

    The Ambits Mentoring Methodology

    Ambits business mentoring is scientifically based, structured, and systematic, so any non-commitment has been removed

    • The mentee's motivation and learning ability is assessed with the Predictive Index tool
    • The objectives of the mentee are described, defined, and aligned with your business objectives
    • Continuous 360 ° measurement of progress during the mentoring program

  • Preparation of the mentee’s journey

    Preparation of the mentee’s journey

    • 1 Ambits does an intake with the mentee and relevant stakeholders (N+1 of the mentee, HR, …) and sets
      • Specific needs aligned with the business objectives
      • Duration and frequency of mentoring
      • Reporting to the stakeholders
    • 2 Ambits proposes three candidate Business Mentors to the mentee
    • 3 Mentee speed dates with the three candidate-mentors and makes his/her choice
    • 4 The mentee starts the mentoring program with his/her business mentor
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