Ambits leadership vision

According to Ambits, a 'good' leader:

  1. Has self-insight, self-control & self-confidence
  2. Is humble
  3. Acts according to a strong ethical compass
  4. Has a clear vision
  5. Is not afraid to be vulnerable
  6. Inspires others to reach a joint goal
  7. Creates psychological safety
  8. Works in a trust-based way and believes in the good intentions of others
  9. Actively works on the connection with and between people
  10. Analyzes the world from the perspective of the others
  11. Gets the best out of people
  12. Creates reciprocal relationships: I am there for you, and you are here for me
  13. Takes care of people
  14. Listens actively
  15. Considers feedback as the engine for growth and improvement
  16. Uses the diversity of people
  17. Is curious
  18. Brings peace
  19. Contributes to the development of others
  20. Has the courage to make (hard) decisions

At Ambits, we believe that leadership development takes place at three different levels. For each level, we have defined nine competencies.

  1. Strong leaders are, first and foremost, good at leading themselves. It is an absolute condition to be good at leading others and the organization.
  2. If you are good at self-leadership, you can move to lead others, a team, a department, or a project. At this level, we refer to people management competencies.
  3. Good people managers could pass to the third and highest leadership level: leading the organization. At this level, we refer to the competencies needed to contribute to the future success of your organization.
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