Internal mentoring consultancy

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Are you interested in setting up a high-impact internal mentoring program or strengthening your existing program?

The internal mentoring program is not delivering the hoped-for results, and you could use advice on how to set it up better?

With these nine essential ingredients, boost the effectiveness of internal mentoring as a necessary tool in your Learning & Development program. Ambits shares its knowledge and know-how about mentoring.

  • 1

    Well-defined goals & expectations

  • 2

    A clear mentoring process

  • 3

    A straightforward mentoring methodology

  • 4

    A solid code of conduct for both mentor & mentee

  • 5

    Mentors with the mentoring mindset

  • 6

    A strong matching process

  • 7

    Support for the mentors

  • 8

    Efficient mentoring software

  • 9

    A coordinator/point of contact

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