Your transformation made possible

Your transformation made possible

Ambits reinforces managers in their leadership by Business Mentoring.
To bring your people and business in balance.

  • Your people struggling to implement a new strategy.
  • Your implementation out of control due to human bottlenecks.
  • Your attempts to solve it with training, coaching, more consultancy.

Mentoring services

Why we deliver your ambitions

Business Mentors are instant expertise at the service of the mentee. Reinforcing leadership to navigate the human and organizational bottlenecks. Removing the root causes of failing transformations.

  • Your people are the strategy

    3x more

    effective transformations

    Your people are the strategy

    • We help your management to translate transformation in what’s in it for your people.
    • Aligning with your strategy and technology consultant early in the process.
    • Prioritizing the people side of change as the best protection of your investment.
  • Ambits Business Mentors


    the long term together

    Ambits Business Mentors

    • 20+ years expertise. Business leader. Change manager. Coach. All in one Business Mentor.
    • No long learning curves. Hands-on short term results.
    • Co-creating the long term together with the mentee.
  • The Ambits board

    600+ years

    of expertise

    The Ambits board

    • The mentee accesses 600+ years collective business and leadership expertise.
    • Your specific challenge solved with the diversity of Ambits Business Mentors.
    • Your gateway to the personal network of effective senior professionals.

Mentoring services

This is Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring reinforces your leadership in a holistic way: both mastering the people side of your transformation and understanding the strategic and technical side.

The business mentor avoids recurring holes and bumps in the road, handles complexity and ambiguity and helps translating transformation in what's in it for your people. It adapts to your specific challenge: ad hoc or structural, on site or remote, Business Mentoring of individuals and/or teams.

Business Mentoring has the capacity to increase the effectiveness of transformation from the current 26% rate to 75%.

Our customers

Reinforce leadership for an effective transformation

Find Business Mentors relevant to your industry or your Business Mentoring job.

How we help you

A digital transformation case

Your ambition: digital transformation including new data tools. You aim to understand better customer needs by analyzing their buying behavior. You expect IT to build a future proof platform for a business transformation.

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