Mentoring leaders for a better world

Mentoring leaders for a better world

AMBITS fosters business mentoring journeys that enable individuals, groups and teams to achieve their goals and create a lasting impact in their organizations, communities and ultimately on society.

We build and invest in a diverse and unique mentor community. We match our outstanding mentors with a proven leadership track record and mentees to achieve their leadership potential

We run premium business mentoring journeys with structured guidance & impact measurement to maximize goal achievement

Mentoring is very different from coaching. Read here how we distinguish.

      • Manager types

      • Who are you?

    • Ambits offers business mentoring to different audiences. Our mentor community is equipped to help them with their specific leadership challenges. Discover below what Ambits can do for you.

    • Young professional

        • Young professional

          • Kicking-off your career
          • Eager to discover your strengths
          • Find your position in the organization to perform at your best
    • First time manager

        • First time manager

          • Taking up your first leadership role
          • Moving from an operational to a management position
          • Discovering the challenges of people management
    • Middle Manager

        • Middle Manager

          • Positioned between first-line and top management
          • Balancing between managing up and managing down
          • Leveraging the potential of people & teams
    • Top manager

    • Entrepreneur or founder

        • Entrepreneur or founder

          • Starting or scaling up your own company
          • Experiencing growing pains
          • Eager to develop solid leadership to move to the next level
  • Mentee benefits

    • Maximized individual’s potential
    • Increased self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-esteem
    • Decreased stress and anxiety
    • Improved performance and productivity
    • Improved knowledge and skills
    • Affluence with giving and receiving feedback in a productive way
    • More empowered to make decisions
    • Greater well-being
    • Stimulated outside-the-box thinking
    • Greater awareness of other approaches to work
    • Exposure to new ideas
    • Gaining a broader view of a sector and potential collaborators
    • Increased visibility and recognition within the organization.
  • Organisation benefits

    • Leadership development (obviously)
    • Increased retention, motivation, and employee engagement
    • Improved relationships
    • Successful career progression
    • Smart succession planning
    • Demonstrates visible commitment to staff development and continuous learning
    • Influx of tacit knowledge, people and team management skills, and knowledge productivity
    • Bridging the gap with senior management
    • Builds diversity
    • Reduced costs by retaining employees
    • Improves talent acquisition efforts
    • Fosters an inclusive, diverse, and collaborative environment
    • Achievement of company goals and objectives.
  • A productive mentoring relationship is supported by four pillars: trust, confidentiality, communication & courage

    Gerrit Sarens, CEO & Founder of Ambits
  • “This is the second time I’ve called on Ambits’ services. I particularly appreciate the twice-monthly sessions, the hands-on approach and the added value for both the organisation and myself. What’s more, mentoring actually costs less than “traditional” business training.“

    • Barbara
    • Marketing manager
  • “My mentor brought structure and coat hooks and, most importantly, gave me back my self-confidence. I also learned how to use my strengths even more. In addition, thanks to the mentoring, I also learned to understand the dynamics of the corporate system around me and to accept what I did and did not have control over.“

    • Mireille
  • “My mentoring project via Ambits was a great experience. It was a project that gave me insights into several parts of my job and personality. A well-experienced mentor guided me to reach the goals we defined together. My mentor, as an ‘outsider,’ was able to help me cope with the issues I ran into within my organization. The actions were defined on both a personal and professional level. We had regular follow-up meetings, both remote and in person. My mentor was a skilled and really enjoyable person. I was always looking forward to our interactions, and I appreciated the time and effort he took to help me.“

    • Bart
    • Service Delivery Manager
  • “My mentor gave me tools to learn to look at the broader picture, name difficult issues, start a conversation about them, and let go of things you can't control. My mentor was very approachable. It never felt forced.“

    • Petra
  • “When I was 18, I always thought I would run out of questions at 40. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have more questions now than ever before. Thanks to mentoring, however, this causes me much less stress. Thanks to the advice of mentor Bart Gardeyn, I dare to use my rights more than before and tackle difficult things instead of avoiding them.“

    • Mike
    • Founder
  • “It's great to have a mentor, but it's you who has to change“

    • Dieter
    • Founder and managing partner
  • “People I struggled with saw that I acted with more confidence“

    • Ann
    • IT Director
  • “I did this mentorship during a very challenging period in my job and in a changing company, which was hard and caused a lot of setbacks. Jan supported me a lot during this period with sincere kindness and challenged me to start thinking differently, in which he succeeded. I feel I have grown a lot because of his expertise and way of conduct.“

    • Sally
    • EMEA manager
  • “Experience is the best school, but also where you take the most bruises“

    • Jürgen
    • CEO
  • “What happened is logic. I tried to develop a great technical expert into a leader. Mentoring helped him to understand what he needed to develop to get there, and he felt better continuing on an expert path.“

    • Philippe
    • CEO

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