Johan Ceuleers

Johan Ceuleers

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Business Mentor profile

After a busy period, I can unwind by reading a book, immersing myself in the grandeur of nature. And my outlet of choice : walking, cycling, running..... I like people who inspire me in one way or another : through music, through sports, through their innovative content ideas....

With three decades of management experience in an operational environment where safety was paramount, I have continuously used my creative mind to develop simple processes and create a safe and expressive working environment where employees could be themselves and where respect for safety regulations was a top priority. This was not always easy.

And now I am ready to guide you or your team with one simple ambition: to be a guide/mentor, to use my valuable experience and skills to inspire, to take you out of your comfort zone by challenging you a little, to set goals razor-sharp, and to achieve them. Making you discover who you are as a unique individual/person and who you are as a leader, as well as how to grow in these roles. And all this with a dignified and humble attidude in which I too can learn from you.

My favourite slogan: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone! I have not had an official mentor in my career. I did usually have an open relationship with my superiors which effectively created an informal mentor-bond.

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