Young professionals mentoring

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Mentoring young professionals who kick off their career (zero to seven years of experience)

  • In groups of four to ten mentees
  • Combination of group and Individual mentoring
  • We always start with an in-depth analysis of the context and the needs of the mentees
  • We define the topics based on the needs
  • One mentor facilitates the sessions
  • The mentees bring their specific challenges to the table
  • The mentors share their experiences and advice with the group and facilitate peer learning
  • Active follow-up of the implementation
  • The mentees select a mentor from the group sessions for their individual mentoring
  • Like in individual mentoring, we measure the impact at several moments throughout the journey.

Examples of common mentoring objectives

  • How to get deeper insights into my strengths & talents?
  • How to leverage my strengths in my next career step?
  • How to find a position in the team?
  • How to understand the company dynamics?
  • How to communicate with my manager?
  • How to build impactful relationships with my colleagues?
  • How to deal with my internal & external stakeholders?
  • Essential


    • 6 months

    • 4 group sessions of ½ day

    • In company or at an external location

    • 3h of individual mentoring

  • Edge


    • 12 months

    • 8 group sessions of ½ day

    • In company or at an external location

    • 6h of individual mentoring

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