Stefaan Butaye

Stefaan Butaye

  • Industry

    • Logistics & Transportation
    • ICT
    • Public Sector
  • Functional expertise domain

    • IT & Data
    • General Management
    • Operational Management

Business Mentor profile

  • 20 years of experience in Logistics & Transportation, ICT, and Public Sector
  • Track record of successful change and project management
  • Strong experience in managing and coaching small and large teams
  • Bridge builder between business and IT

Stefaan introduces himself:

I live in Herent, close to Leuven. I grew up in Bruges, Venice of the north in West Flanders.
I'm the father of two wonderful boys, almost 15 and 18. I studied organizational psychology at the University of Ghent a long time ago.
And after a year of military service, I still headed on to MBA marketing at the Vlerick school in Ghent.

For leisure time to chill, I like sports, running, biking and, music, playing guitar. So, I'm doing my best.

Professionally speaking, I've three significant chapters so far:

  1. A long stretch at FedEx, primarily in marketing and IT
  2. Afterward, I took on a general management role for a Belgian SME actively providing parking-related services to Belgian cities and communes.
  3. Lastly, in the last year and a half, I've been the head of the network planning department for De Lijn, a Belgian stop public transportation company, helping the company prepare for the future.

Overall, I've got about 20 years of management and leadership experience.

At Ambits, everybody is a great sounding board; you can't go wrong. So, happy with the opportunity to help others through Ambits to find the answers and solutions to move forward. Great listeners, facilitators...

The things that might connect with me mainly are:

  1. I'm a generalist, not a specialist. So, having worked through many different functions in all those different types of companies, multinational, SME, government-related... But having worked through IT, marketing, and sales operations, I can connect to many kinds of problems and situations and see how to build bridges between those functions.
  2. Secondly, down to earth, pragmatic kind of approach. So, do not overcomplicate, definitely not initially, but look for low-hanging fruit and easy wins, make some quick steps forward and see how we can build on that.
  3. And then thirdly, there are the methodology principles. Look for sources of inspiration that might help address more structural or underlying challenges. It could be personal productivity, project management, change management related, or some leadership approaches that might provide a new angle.

But across those three things: generalist, pragmatic, and methodology.

Those are the things I would say that define my approach. So, enough about me; I'm looking forward to hearing from anybody out there looking for help and how we could learn from each other and have an incredible journey together.

  • “I developed a strong relationship with Stefaan. He challenged me on many topics and was open to understand my (working) situation. Stefaan's approach is flexible (so many ad hoc topics have been discussed). Thanks to Stefaan I was able to grow as a manager and as an individual!“

    • VP Finance and Operations

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