Jan Rauter

Jan Rauter

  • Industry

    • ICT
    • Consultancy
    • Manufacturing
  • Functional expertise domain

    • Business Transformation
    • Change Management
    • General Management

Business Mentor profile

  • Proven to be able to transfer vision into concrete working services by investigating the feasibility of the target and defining a strategy to realize it.
  • Focus on gathering the right people and motivating them to create the right frame by taking self ownership, contributing to the end result and appreciation.
  • Focus on finding the right balance between satisfaction and development of employees and management on one side and the target of the company.

Unique Jan

Playing the acoustic folk and blues guitar, singing in a choir, running, fitness, and cooking make up the most significant part of Jan's spare time activities. He reads a lot about leadership, psychology, and humanities. On his nightstand is 'Corporate Rebels' by Pim de Morree and Joost Minnaar and Edgar Schein's 'Process consultation.'

One of Jan's heroes is Gandhi, "Be the change you want to see in the world," because of his non-violent resistance and determination to work for the greater good. Also, Mandela's realizations are heroic: his acceptance, inner peace, and ability to end a flawed system are dumbfounding. Both have had a tremendous impact as a peacemaker.

Kanban's motto is also his: "Stop starting and start finishing." Inclined to do many things at once, staying close to his Leitmotif pulls him back with both feet on the ground and stimulates his decisiveness.

Young Jan, he'd advise expressing his needs at any time and being less resigned. Do it first and apologize afterward. Do not assume there is no other solution.

Jan knows firsthand what mentoring can do to a person. It feels great to share his knowledge and experience in the hope that others learn from his mistakes and successes. A mentor acts as an active sounding board, a mirror. To reap the fruits of mentoring, the relationship between mentor and mentee needs to be safe. Having dug out his own shit, Jan builds trust easily. "Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom" could be Jan's adagium too.

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