Peter Philippaerts

Peter Philippaerts

  • Industry

    • Financial Services & Insurance
    • Healthcare
    • ICT
  • Functional expertise domain

    • Marketing & Sales
    • Operational Management
    • Change Management

Business Mentor profile

  • A senior profile with a broad experience in finance, business transformation, and growth across various industries and always interested in organizations where talent management is high on the agenda
  • As a participatory and result-oriented manager, I ensure excellent processes and insights through debate, new technology, adapted structures, and high-quality employees in collaboration with all the teams and experts involved
  • I get my energy from interactivity with other people. I like good organization, and I structure myself according to logical principles. I am analytical and solution-oriented and think it is important that people feel good.

Unique Peter

  • How do I fill my spare time?

I am a football fan and supporter of Antwerp. I regularly go to festivals and do daily walks with my dog, Yuca.

  • What motivates me?

I love connecting with people. People give me energy. I like to discuss and look for solutions together.

  • Who is my hero?

Nelson Mandela, despite everything, continuously stimulated the debate between people of all colors.

  • My motto?

"What is the problem you want to be solved?"

  • What advice would you give young Peter?

I would ask him to be patient and ask lots of questions to all the people who interest him. I would explain that the group is always stronger than the individual.

  • I mentor because:

I have a fulfilling career and have learned a lot. I want to share as many of my insights as possible.

  • What makes me an excellent mentor?

My way of communicating is positive. I'm amicable and feel good with other people. I can relate to the situation and the feelings of another. I'm easy-going and enthusiastic and motivate others by considering their views.

  • Did I have a mentor?

I have had a mentor several times in my career.

  • And one more thing ...

Try to identify the real problem as much as possible.

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