Gerald De Woot

Gerald De Woot

  • Industry

    • ICT
    • Manufacturing
    • Public Sector
    • Utilities
    • Automotive
  • Functional expertise domain

    • Change Management
    • Operational Management
    • Project Management
    • Supply Chain Management

Business Mentor profile

  • Over 30 years of experience in Aerospace & Defence, ICT, Public Sector, Utilities, Food, and Automotive.
  • Seasoned Commercial professional (Sales & Procurement), working internationally (EMEA, Asia) for US and European (BE, FR, GE, NL & LUX) companies.
  • Solid change management experience and broad people management to help them be successful and over-achieve targets.
  • Coach & mentor in Leadership and consultant in behavioral analysis.

Unique Gerald

Passionate. Creative. Convincing,

  • How do I fill my spare time?

I am focused on my passion: developing others, in this case, in my private sphere with my children and friends. I read a lot about coaching, personal development, and leadership. I spend time with my family (I have four young adult children) and friends; I garden and walk. On holidays, time is spent visiting historical places and meeting locals.

  • What motivates me?

Learning, connecting with others, and transmitting. Developing managers to elevate them to leadership.

  • Who is my hero?

There are two, starting from a different situation and ending with a similar motto 'never give up, never surrender': Mahatma Gandhi and Winston Churchill.

  • My motto?

"Dream it, and then test your dream! Learn from it and start again for a better future."

  • A piece of advice to my younger self?

Trust your dreams, and do not be afraid to fail, as you will learn much more from failures than from being immediately successful. Be more assertive and do not avoid confrontation.

  • I mentor because:

I want to give back to others what I have received, experienced, and learn. My greatest pleasure is to see the transformation of someone I have mentored.

  • What makes me an excellent mentor?

I am at the service of my mentees to help them achieve their objectives. As a mentor, I shall show the way, but you shall do the work; we will create together an action plan; I'll make you discover your hidden skills and capabilities, I'll push you when needed, but you will take action to make it through. I'll listen to you and ask questions such as "What is your objective?", "What are your greatest challenges" or "Where do you see yourself three years from now?" We will build a TRUST relationship so that you can rely on me, my loyalty, respect, and transparent communication.

  • Did I have a mentor?

I have the great blessing of having crossed the paths of several mentors since I opened myself to my personal development and growth. Here are some of them: Svenja guided me through a better knowledge of myself, Peter and John taught me a lot about leadership, Nisandeh helped me in marketing my own business, and Marie-Pierre guided me to be a better father and husband.

  • And one more thing ...

Your success and your failures are the results of your leadership. If you accept this upfront and are open to learning how to become a great leader, we will experience an incredible journey together.

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