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Sabine Verhelst

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Business Mentor profile

A lot of my time is spent to read, historical travel novels and any books that support my personal development and ongoing education. I love to walk in nature, at the seaside or in the forest. Dancing helps to land fully in my body, move freely and enjoy life. I really enjoy traveling, meeting people in other countries, getting to know the culture and, if possible, learn (a bit of) their language.

What motivates me ? I like to achieve something, preferably in a team: getting things done together. I also love to learn something new, having the feeling that I am moving forward. And to make a difference for someone, that helps them move on in their life or activity.

I admire people who live in a very authentic way, very grounded in themselves, seekers in life, who do not judge you but embrace you in your power and vulnerability. They are able to create a safe field of love and trust where you are seen as yourself. That is something that I want to create for others too.

Motto: “Failure does not exist, there is only feedback.” When I first heard this quote, it was hard to believe. Now it has become the key to a happy exploration of life and work, with curiosity and a learning mindset. This leads to my 2nd motto: “We are all work in progress.” Life is an adventure and it all starts with self-awareness and self-leadership.

My advice to young Sabine: If you want to do something, just follow your heart. Try it out and don’t worry if it doesn't work out. Going out there, showing yourself and learning something makes it worthwhile anyway. And have fun on the road!

Becoming a mentor is a way of giving back. At different times in my career, there was someone who believed in me, who challenged me and guided me to see new possibilities. Now it is about sharing my experience to support the mentee’s development process. As a trained coach and holistic counsellor, I can be present with whatever comes up and create a space of trust, to explore, give advice and learn together.

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