• Leading the Organization

You need to have solid business skills to be a leader who impacts the organization.

It is not enough to work independently with your team or department; you have to work across the company.

Leaders at this level can give shape to the future of their organization.

They drive performance and achieve goals in the different areas of the organization.

Leaders must also understand how all parts of the business work and manage critical projects.

Leading the Organization competences

    • Managing change 
    • Act as an effective sponsor of change, encourage and promote desirable change in the organization
    • Solving problems and making decisions 
    • Quickly identify the underlying issues and implement solutions. Make clear-cut and timely decisions with the appropriate amount of information
    • Managing politics and influencing others 
    • Confront politically charged situations by using the right strategy. Impact people’s attitudes, and beliefs and change their behavior in the desired direction
    • Taking risks and stimulating innovation 
    • Create and execute a steady flow of ideas to improve every aspect of the organization. Accept uncertainties, risks, and failures, ready to experiment, committed to the search for ideas, technology and views from the outside
    • Promote vision and strategy 
    • Articulate and prioritize the future of the organization beyond immediate, personal goals
    • Managing work and performance
    • Organize, monitor, and evaluate the work of your co-workers to the best of their abilities to achieve the best possible results
    • Enhancing business skills and knowledge 
    • Read, research, study, and be mentored
    • Understanding and navigating the organization 
    • Proactively build positive relationships inside and outside the organization to support organizational goals
    • Building external networks
    • Connect with a diverse group of people in private and professional sphere. The magic happens when connecting with people who are not like yourself

Reinforce leadership

Vet a mentor, relevant to your industry or your domain