Jurgen Heyman

Jurgen Heyman

  • Industry

    • Consultancy
    • ICT
    • HR Services
    • Telco
  • Functional expertise domain

    • General Management
    • Marketing & Sales
    • Start-ups & Scale-ups
    • Innovation
    • Learning & Development

Business Mentor profile

  • 35 years of experience in Consultancy, Telco, HR Services & Telco
  • Strong business development track record
  • Solid leadership experience at M- and C-level
  • Experienced board member

Unique Jürgen

The man of One Thousand and One Things: cycling, running, yoga, lifting, cooking, learning languages, flying planes, riding motorcycles, to name a few. Jürgen is constantly learning and preparing for some challenge or other, preferably action-oriented.

His house looks like an extensive library, containing more books than he could ever read. His favorite topics are psychology, biometrics, biographies, personal growth, lean management, start-ups, team dynamics, etc. On his nightstand lies the biography of Jung.

Jürgen is a builder, motivated by intellectual challenges. Conceptualizing, exploring, designing, and constructing organizations and teams is what gives Jürgen a kick.

Doing something extraordinary that has changed the world is how Jürgen defines heroism. And he mentions the swagger of Branson, Musk, Chouinard, and Gates, who dared to think and act big with a brilliant idea.

His motto is 'never stop moving.' Don't look back, don't stand around, don't get stuck in structures and dogmas. Go with the flow and keep on pedaling to move forward.

Young Jürgen, he'd advise exploring more. Try out more, dare to deviate, don't leave a stone unturned, look at all the options instead of taking the beaten path.

Why does Jürgen want to mentor? Because he loves seeing people progress by helping them discover what they can accomplish. Having had several mentors himself, Jürgen experienced firsthand the benefits of expanding horizons and confronting mirrors. Listening, probing for the question behind the question, and being proficient in linking different things together and generating new insights in a soft non-confrontational style will surely help mentees unlock their true leadership potential.

With this musing, Jürgen concludes: "Sometimes we think limitingly from the perspective of difficulties. Dare to dream big and dare to act. Set Big Hairy Audacious Goals: this will get you further than if you don't."

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