Jeroen Huys

Jeroen Huys

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Business Mentor profile

+ 25 years of professional experience in commercial and managerial roles, operating in innovative services sectors, including corporates, scale-ups, and my own circular start-up.

I enjoy leading companies and organizations going through transitions, where a new narrative needs to be crafted. I take pleasure in creating environments where people want to be part of, and where both individuals and organizations can thrive.

My leadership approach strongly reflects the principles of servant leadership.

I am dedicated to making a positive impact.

A fulfilling life is what I cherish, and I derive joy from assisting others in living theirs to the fullest.

I appreciate both the cacophony of noise (music, festivals, bustling cities) and the serenity of silence (nature, reading, meditation). I love traveling to different countries and immersing myself in diverse cultures, particularly in Europe and Africa, while also enjoying cycling and hiking in Belgium.

I am an enthusiastic reader, delving into non-fiction books on leadership, society, self-development, and geopolitics, as well as enjoying fiction, particularly comics. I embrace humor and laughter, yet remain open to moments of tears. Most importantly, I cherish companionship, whether it be with new people, family, or friends.

I believe the world is abundant with heroes, and Nelson Mandela's leadership serves as a remarkable example to me. His ability to transition South Africa into a new narrative without resorting to violence is truly awe-inspiring. Today, as we witness a societal transformation into a new era, countless heroes perform miracles daily. Rutger Bregman stands as a notable figure in this movement, challenging business professionals to incorporate moral ambition into their work.

To my younger self, I would advise that our lives are shaped not solely by external circumstances, but largely by our perception and subsequent actions. As we undergo internal shifts, the external world responds accordingly.

Being a mentor is both a privilege and a moral obligation in my eyes. Guiding emerging leaders enables them to make substantial contributions to a better world. Through personal struggles encountered in my career and life, I have invested significantly in personal development. By sharing my knowledge and professional experiences, I aim to accelerate the growth of future leaders.

Throughout my career, I have consistently focused on people, empowering them to leverage their strengths. I am eager to accompany you on your journey as a mentee, listening to your story and offering support along the way. And also important, enjoy the ride.

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