Eric Dumez

Eric Dumez

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Business Mentor profile

During my career of 30+ years, curiosity & wanting to know more have been my main driver.

I combine the pragmatism and the energy of moving forward with the power of an inspiring theory.

I enjoyed working in different cultural settings and in a broad range of functional domains (sales, marketing, logistics, HR and general / regional management).

Since 2020, I am 100% dedicated to training, coaching teams and individuals, facilitating and consulting.

I grew up at the beautiful North Sea and was inspired by the work ethics of my parents to perform and succeed in life, whatever that meant.

After finishing my studies, I started in marketing, very trendy at that time. I found it fascinating to explore what customers want and use it to improve my products. Some years later, team responsibilities kicked in and I felt the need to understand how I could be the best leader. Needless to say, this kept fascinating me throughout my whole life. It stimulated me to work on myself in all possible areas supported by many corporate trainings. And the work is never done! It stimulated me to become a certified coach. It even stimulated me to engage in improvisation theatre, a hobby I still practice today.

It inspired me to become a better father for our 2 kids, who are in the meantime grown up and trying to find their way. It made me realize that moving my body is important for me and as consequence, I like jogging, playing tennis and padel, and hiking with our dog. It made me realize how important friendship is and how resourcing it is to spend time together. And get connected. It stimulates me as well to continuously discover new land to satisfy my curiosity. The pinnacle of this new land was in 2020 when I decided to start my own business and focus on training, coaching, facilitating, and consulting.

I learn most when I move out of my comfort zone. I get happy when I can use my corporate backpack, and combine it with the latest theoretical insights to make a positive impact on others. I learned a lot from many bosses. I learned what felt inspirational but I also learned sometimes how not to do it! This leads to my conviction that you can always learn, whatever the situation you are facing. I am enthusiastic.

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