Dirk Roosen

Dirk Roosen

  • Industry

    • Healthcare
    • Consultancy
    • Life Sciences
  • Functional expertise domain

    • Business Transformation
    • Change Management
    • Marketing & Sales

Business Mentor profile

  • Strong strategic, business analysis and problem solving skills
  • Likes to use his passion, skills and experience in energizing, inspiring people to identify and convey a clear sense of progress.
  • Focus on guiding people in achieving their goals.

Unique Dirk

Dirk lives in line with the age-old adage 'A healthy mind in a healthy body.' Dirk is a former competitive swimmer and water polo player who requires swim training three times a week. And his 10.000 steps a day with his dog.

Of the many books he's read this past year, he mentions Paolo Cognetti, Oliver Sachs, Harari, Jung, Tucker, and Roberto Camurri. Currently he's reading 'Dansen naar vrijheid' by André Pelgrims. In this book, Dirk picked up a worthwhile expression: "Don't try to bend the DJ to your will but dance to what is offered." Try out what comes on your path, even if you have never done it before. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be engaging and emotionally enriching.

There is only one hero for Dirk, and that is his father. Heroism gave way to love eventually, but he never had another hero. Dirk was spoonfed that the reason for life is to live a good life, which means giving his fellow man something of value they will remember. Bringing the best out of people is Dirk's vocation.

Young Dirk, he'd advise staying positive from the belief that life always offers positive opportunities. Just keep going, and something nice will come. This optimistic belief helps one avoid making mistakes and taking the wrong decisions.

Dirk still is being mentored; it is a never-ending story. The most significant benefit for him is having a sounding board and mirror. On the other side of the table, as a mentor himself, Dirk is supportive and communicative, and thanks to his extensive life experience, he can 'listen to people's souls.'

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