Ariane Gillieaux

Ariane Gillieaux

  • Industry

    • Telco
    • Logistics & Transportation
  • Functional expertise domain

    • Marketing & Sales
    • Operational Management
    • Change Management

Business Mentor profile

20y business leadership

Team and individual coach & mentor


I love spending my free time in nature, watching and supporting (loudly ;-) my daughter at hockey, walking with my head in the clouds, painting (my creative side), doing yoga. And above all, laughing and enjoying every moment of life!

I have a moto that particularly resonates with me: "Your limits are defined by the agreement you've made about what's possibile. Change that agreement and you can dissolve all limits." The boundaries we set for ourselves are mainly defined by our own doubts. By rewriting our own beliefs, we access so many possibilities. As soon as I understood it, I saw this world of possibilities. How great it is!

Ah, if I could communicate with my "younger me", I'd say "have faith in life, in yourself. And above all, enjoy the journey!" That's what I also say to my mentees, whatever their age or situation. Mentoring is about sharing professional and human experience. The 2 are intrinsically linked. That's what gives the role of mentor its full meaning.

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