Suki Maesen

Suki Maesen

  • Industry

    • Manufacturing
    • ICT
    • Engineering
    • Logistics & Transportation
  • Functional expertise domain

    • IT & Data
    • Digital Transformation
    • Change Management

Business Mentor profile

  • 20 years of experience in Manufacturing, ICT, Engineering and Logistics & Transportation
  • Strong people management experience in complex environments
  • Successful project and program manager
  • Passion for leadership mentoring

I'm Suki Maesen, a business mentor at Ambits, and I would like to introduce myself and explain why I became a business mentor and why you should choose for me.

I have more than twenty years of experience in ICT and working in a large international B2B company in industrial solutions. I also have more than ten years of experience leading teams and people. I've also got six years of experience mentoring people, which is maybe also relevant to why you should pick me as a business mentor.

The reason why I like to mentor is that it gives me a lot of positive energy. It's a way to share my experience and knowledge and see people grow and develop their own talents.

What you can expect from me as a business mentor:

  1. You can expect trust; I'm very flexible, and I adapt to the demands and the focus points that we need to work on; I will be an honest mirror for you and show you your strengths and the attention points you need to further work upon
  2. I have a lot of experience working with remote teams, intercultural teams, and different characters. I also can tell a bit more about how you can delegate and how you need to do your change management or your digital transformation. What are the attention parts? And one of those things that I think are usually neglected is, on the one hand, stakeholder management, and on the other hand, effective communication. And on that last one, I can share my experience of communicating effectively and impactfully with your senior management.

So I hope this triggers you to choose me as a business mentor.

Mentee testimonial

"I found it a pleasant experience, and my needs were met."

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