Sophie Moens

Sophie Moens

  • Industry

    • Telco
    • Utilities
    • Automotive
    • Life Sciences
  • Functional expertise domain

    • HR Management
    • Change Management
    • Project Management

Business Mentor profile

  • 50 years of experience in a wide variety of industries
  • Senior expert in most HR related domains
  • Solid track record in business efficiency and continuous improvement projects
  • Strong coaching & mentoring experience

The unique Sophie

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift; that's why it is called present." Sophie has learned to enjoy life at the moment because what is past is gone, and one doesn't know what's coming tomorrow. She is happy with what she has. Her four-year-old grandson and hero Cesar, for instance.

For those less fortunate who have nothing, Sophie cooks, distributes food, and raises money. Helping the homeless is one of Sophie's primary use of spare time for over 25 years. And she also likes to paint watercolor and read thrillers.

She is certified in MBTI in three languages and even has her name on an MBTI handbook. Sophie has a wealth of experience in human capital management. After a long time gathering and implementing knowledge, transferring this expertise and wisdom as a mentor is the next logical phase. With a facilitator's mindset, personal recognition is not what she aims for, only others' results.

Being blessed with a circle of informal business mentors for decades, Sophie knows the benefits of mentoring firsthand.

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