Katia Battheu

Katia Battheu

  • Industry

    • Telco
  • Functional expertise domain

    • Customer Operations
    • Marketing & Sales

Business Mentor profile

My track record till now:

  • 20+ years in the Telco sector with the following red wire: inspiring my teams to go the extra smile for our customers whilst ensuring an environment that allows them to feel safe and grow
  • Very much aware that successes are only realized through forming coalitions, engaging with stakeholders at all parts of the organization
  • Staying true to following my heart and being receptive to feedback at all times from all people crossing my road
  • Dare to explore the unknown, initiate and drive the necessary change programs to keep at pace with the ever-changing world around us

How others describe me :

  • Authentic, integer, genuine intention to make people grow, energy-giving thanks to pragmatic & enthusing leadership, sound portion of people knowledge, inspiring, result-oriented, realistic

Unique Katia

Curiosity about other cultures brought Katia and her family to different continents. Cuba was one of the most captivating journeys because a local guide took them on unbeaten paths he hadn't even traveled himself yet. Padel, body sculpting, skiing, and walking, keeps the body in shape. Winding down, she does by socializing with friends and family and rediscovered knitting during Corona.

No heroes for Katia. Heroism she sees in many people: her inspiring friends, how selfless they can be, and care for people around them. Or athletes who set clear goals and focus. And her husband who is capable of leaving his work behind and finding relaxation 'in the moment.'

Her motto is "be yourself at all times." No one is perfect, and it is okay to make mistakes and learn from them. "You can only be genuine if you can be yourself in all situations." That's also how she is at her best because when she has to consider not showing certain facets, she is inhibited. Doesn't shy away from naming things. The pretender's mask always falls off at some point.

Young Katia, she'd advise taking more 'me-time.' Claiming me-time while juggling a career and motherhood made her feel guilty because she thought she was selling someone short. Now she sees that this time alone is necessary to balance energy. She learned in coaching and through 360°s to capitalize on her strengths and accept she doesn't have to excel at everything. Surround yourself with people with complementary skills. Complementary teams make the right decisions.

How to get the best out of people at all times is one of her passions. Even the most challenging people, she aims to bring self-insight. She can spend hours one-on-one talking about what gives and takes energy. Such deep conversations bring others and herself to reflect. Mentoring broadens her horizons and gives her energy. Katia wants to use her filled backpack to help others, not only for her job and for her co-workers.

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