Sabrina Polakoff

Sabrina Polakoff

  • Industry

    • FMCG
    • Consultancy
    • Textile
  • Functional expertise domain

    • Marketing & Sales
    • General Management
    • Strategic Management
    • Project Management
    • Start-ups & Scale-ups

Business Mentor profile

  • 35 years of experience in marketing, business consulting, and franchising in the luxury, wellness, children, beauty, and fashion industries
  • Part of the management team in large companies, as well as being an entrepreneur
  • Leading teams by meeting individual and company goals
  • Passionate about bringing the best out of people
  • Leading companies through change

Unique Sabrina

As a little girl, Sabrina often packed and unpacked her suitcase as her parents loved to move from one country to another. Consequently, her passion for traveling and discovering different cultures, their habits, food, and values sparkled. When she was 24, on a sunny winter day, a hero without a cape literally came knocking on her door in New York. This hero turned out to be her future husband, who then brought her to Antwerp, where she has been living since then. He has always been her biggest supporter through her career, personal growth, and raising two wonderful children. Since then, Sabrina has not filled her suitcase with her belongings (this is only for traveling now) but with a lot of knowledge and experience.

Thanks to her drive and open mind, Sabrina's career took an unusual path throughout different industries by meeting people who believed in her. Her motto throughout her career has always been "do everything with passion or don't do it at all." At a certain moment, Sabrina dreamed of creating her brand and becoming an entrepreneur. She left the comfort of being an employee and decided to jump to become an entrepreneur. When this journey started, there were no mentorships or accelerator programs where people could have challenged her decisions. Luckily she had a vast network where people helped her get out of her comfort zone, develop her curiosity and creative thinking, and encourage her to bring out the best of herself. Today, Sabrina is mentoring to give back and share her experience and knowledge with people open to seeing their world differently, so they don't have to go through the same mistakes she did.

Wondering how Sabrina mentors? She always starts with you so you can be yourself. As a true optimist, Sabrina believes there is always a solution to every challenge. This means that she will always advise for your good by understanding challenges from the mentee's perspective and finding the right way to address these through self-growth and an approach that works for you and your team.

Based on her own experience, she would advise her younger self to prioritize a healthy work/life balance.

PS - a fun fact about Sabrina, besides Namaste, she also loves fresh green juice!

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