Patrick Vanhaverbeke

Patrick Vanhaverbeke

  • Industry

    • Oil & Gas
    • Real Estate & Construction
    • Consultancy
    • Automotive
  • Functional expertise domain

    • Business Transformation
    • Project Management
    • IT & Data
    • Customer Operations

Business Mentor profile

  • Experienced and multi-faceted senior professional with proven track record in project, process and people management (fuels, retail, customer services, real estate, IT).
  • Recognized for building bridges between people from different background and culture
  • Additional experience in commercial leadership, customer experience and commercial real estate portfolio management. Sound analytical basis. Trained as career/systemic coach.

Having a humble background, Patrick works hard to reach his goals. Often being challenged by his mentors, telling him he might have been too ambitious, he worked with full conviction to succeed. With the same attitude, he competed for many years in long-distance running.

His key motivators are quality (getting a job well done), altruism (helping others to succeed), and recognition (both receiving and giving).

He managed to build many bridges between people from different backgrounds and cultures. His heroes are the many hard-working folks who stay out of the spotlight and join forces in challenging projects.

Patrick thrives in an international, pluralistic, authentic environment. He is married to a Swedish national, spends a lot of time in Portugal, worked, and lived around the globe.

He continues to learn the most from talking and listening to younger people (including his three adult children) and wants to be the same inspiring mentor as his mentors were in his life.

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