Liesbet Schroven

Liesbet Schroven

  • Industry

    • Logistics & Transportation
    • Manufacturing
    • Automotive
    • ICT
  • Functional expertise domain

    • Supply Chain Management
    • Project Management
    • General Management
    • Business Transformation
    • Operational Management

Business Mentor profile

  • Over 25 years of experience in Supply Chain Management in a broad and diverse range of leadership roles (first-line leadership, leader of leaders, local teams and global organizations, leader of direct reports, and matrixed organization, …)
  • Convinced the role of a leader is to help create the proper context for the organization to be successful, including transforming organizations beyond today's reality
  • Intrigued by organizational and people dynamics and loves to connect with people and organizations to translate these insights into pragmatic impactful plans
  • Possesses a certain inner calmness as well as a strong determination that offers both trust and confidence in stressful and uncertain situations as well as space for necessary initiatives and movement
  • Authenticity, Integrity, and Diversity are fundamental values for Liesbet.

Unique Liesbet

Liesbet builds solid and deep connections with people easily and is genuinely interested in helping others to grow. She is often a rock in stormy situations but also likes to give that extra push when needed.

Liesbet loves mentoring others by offering different perspectives and sharing experiences. She is highly empathic and trustworthy and will help you grow in a way that is true to your personality and style.

For Liesbet, the world is not black and white. She looks at the world through the full range of the color spectrum. She likes to think about all the nuances and is intrigued by different perspectives. She believes there is often more than meets the eye and loves to explore the different layers underneath the surface.

Liesbet doesn't believe in heroes who are put on a pedestal. She admires the uniqueness of every individual. She loves people who don't take themselves too seriously. You can win her over with an open mindset and good humor.

She would advise her younger self to listen less to her inner critical voice and to believe more in her unique talent.

Liesbet hasn't had formal mentors throughout her career. But over the years, she surrounded herself with a robust support system and people who challenged her and provided a mirror where needed.

During her spare time, Liesbet enjoys spending time with her long last friends while also being eager to get inspired by new people she meets. One of the year's highlights is the yearly ski vacation with a group of friends she has known for about 30 years. Liesbet is entirely in her element when hosting parties or creating quality time with friends and family. She enjoys spending time in buzzing cities as well as in peaceful nature.

Other energy boosters are new activities where she meets new people: she followed Vedic art classes, walked on fire, took icebaths, did advanced scuba diving, met inspirational people at various courses, followed ceramic workshops, and joined an evening in January 2022 with a group of strangers introducing themselves as if we were already in 2025. A fun and fabulous evening that gave powerful energy to live your full potential as if were already there.

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