Mark De Backer

Mark De Backer

  • Industry

    • ICT
    • Engineering
    • Utilities
  • Functional expertise domain

    • Marketing & Sales
    • Operational Management
    • Start-ups & Scale-ups

Business Mentor profile

  • 30 years of experience in ICT, Engineering & Utilities
  • Seasoned tech professional
  • Strong leadership experience in diverse environments
  • Active board member experience

Unique Mark

Wine is more than just a hobby for Mark, as he is a certified sommelier-conseil and jury member at the prestigious Concours Mondial. He also teaches and writes about grape varieties, terroir and geology, and wine regions.

A daily swim in the swimming pond, a weekly mountain bike trip, and a yearly touring ski trip keeps Mark's body fit.

Mark has traveled extensively, both professionally and privately, across the six continents to soak up other cultures. Antarctica made an everlasting impression: its vastness, silence, and the beauty of its nature, making one feel insignificant, is majestic. Almost touching the tale of a whale remains undauntingly the most memorable moment.

Mark experienced Asian people as very open, positive-minded, and happy without personal enrichment coming first, which entices him to go back to Asia regularly. The rest of Mark's spare time goes to mantle care, civic participation, and reading about technology trends and investment strategy.

Follow your path, stay yourself, remain eager to learn, and keep growing
is the advice Mark would give his younger self. Vertical growth is finite, so investing in horizontal development seems like a more sustainable plan. He has had the strength to determine his path and can help others do the same. Mark matches mentoring with the use of smart capital: invest in yourself by learning from the accumulated wealth of knowledge and experience of others who've walked your path before.

Is it any surprise that Mark's motto reads, "Life is too short to drink sour wine"?

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