Benny De Clippeleir

Benny De Clippeleir

  • Industry

    • FMCG
    • Manufacturing
    • ICT
  • Functional expertise domain

    • Supply Chain Management
    • General Management
    • Digital Transformation

Business Mentor profile

  • 20 years of experience in Supply Chain & Operations and ICT
  • Strong program and project management track record
  • Leadership experience in complex environments
  • Results-driven and people-minded leadership style

Unique Benny

  • How do I fill my spare time?

I love being outdoors to explore beautiful places. Spending time with my family and for a couple of years, I'm passionate about running. And whenever I have the possibility, I like the excitement of a sailing trip!

  • What motivates me?

Continuous learning, challenging the status quo, connecting with people, and building successful teams that make things better. I have deep faith that there is a solution for everything, and I'm convinced everything is possible if you are persistent and try hard enough.

  • Who is my hero?

I'm not into heroes myself. I admire people who are passionate and committed to their goals while remaining vulnerable and showing respect to others.

  • My motto?

One of my mottos is Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Simply explaining something complex is a true talent.

  • What advice would you give your younger self?

Don't let others pressure you into doing things that don't feel right for you. Trust your dreams and never be afraid to fail. Learn, try and repeat to build a better future.

  • I mentor because:

Mentoring broadens my horizons and gives me tons of energy. I like to help people with their personal growth. My purpose is to create happiness and positively impact those I help. I like to inspire and get the best out of others and myself.

  • What makes me a good mentor?

I'm at the service of the mentee. I'll listen to you to figure out what you need and how I can help you in the best way possible. What are your challenges, and where are you stuck? As your mentor, I will not solve your problems on the shopfloor; we will explore options and build the best action plan together.

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