Jochum Skaarenborg

Jochum Skaarenborg

  • Industry

    • ICT
    • Life Sciences
    • Financial Services & Insurance
  • Functional expertise domain

    • Digital Transformation
    • HR Management
    • IT & Data

Business Mentor profile

  • Experience in turning around challenged programmes through strategic implementation and sound partner relationships with global leadership
  • Cultivated outstanding record of developing SAP SF business plans and successful implementation of multiple HR projects
  • Strong background in project management, creating advantages for international teams through understanding business requirements, inspiring, mentoring and leading global teams

Unique Jochum

Jochum is passionate about astronomy and science. When celestial events occur, he uses his telescope to observe, sharing the moment with his children and friends to explain how the universe functions. It certainly makes one realize how small we are and why it's essential to make the best of our life, work, career, family, and friends.

He's motivated by achieving goals. Not only at work (delivering a strategy presentation, a successful project, a presentation, etc.) but also helping his children succeed in an exam, cooking for a group of friends, and organizing a trip with the family.

Stephen Hawkins is Jochum's hero, gaining tremendous respect with his visionary ideas. He never gave up; he overcame not being able to speak and used a computer to simulate his voice; he even managed to experience flying. Hawkin's book 'A brief history of time' left an everlasting impression on the 20-year-old Jochum.

Jochum's motto is "Opportunities are never lost. Others take them."

The advice he'd give young Jochum is:

  • Never say no to an opportunity
  • Keep smiling, stay positive
  • You don't need 1000 friends, just a few good ones you can count on
  • Keep networking; you never know when you need them
  • Take care of your family and close friends
  • Set objectives at work and career, but don't lose your values

"Being a mentor allows me to share my experience and guidance using a structured process with measurable results." He understands what drives success and what behavior and activities should be avoided. Jochum had a few people he saw as mentors in his career, even if they did not have that formal role. They advised him and showed him a way forward by sharing their experience and dos and don'ts, which helped him achieve his goals and objectives.

  • “Jochum was a great fit with my personality. I feel we are similar in some ways so the connection was easy and natural. I really enjoyed how Jochum brought a different but similar perspective on various topics. He was able to help me articulate topics in a way that highlights the fundamental issue. Jochum has made this journey enjoyable and very worthwhile. Thanks for everything!“

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