Ilse Himpe

Ilse Himpe

  • Industry

    • ICT
  • Functional expertise domain

    • Marketing & Sales
    • General Management

Business Mentor profile

  • Over 20 years of working experience in publicly traded US companies in general, sales and people management
  • Empathic, genuine, positive and approachable manager, giving enough freedom and a lot of support to team members
  • No-nonsense approach, can-do attitude, humor, drive, passion for people, professionalism, proactivity and persuasion

Unique Ilse

When not working, one can find Ilse practicing yin yoga, playing tennis, visiting art galleries, wining and dining with friends, and traveling in South-East Asia. Reading also takes up much of her spare time. She has just finished Warren Ellis' 'Nina Simone's gum' and started reading Carlo Rovelli's 'There Are Places in the World Where Rules Are Less Important Than Kindness.' Ilse likes to learn and has a thing for languages and Sweden. With a friend, she took on the challenge to learn a Scandinavian language, so now she is studying Swedish. It's funny that outside of Belgium, her regional dialect is interpreted as Swedish.

Ilse is driven by "making a difference by being authentic." Authentic and passionate people inspire her. Steve Jobs' "Stay hungry and stay foolish" is the motto Ilse lives by. Always remain energetic, passionate, and curious in growing modus, and remember to have fun because a day without laughter is a day not lived.

Young Ilse, she'd advise: "Be mild; it doesn't all have to be so perfect. Above all, enjoy life. Trust your gut because your intuition is always right."

Why she wants to mentor, Ilse answers that everyone has doubts and questions regardless of position, role, or level; organizations do not pick up on this enough. It's essential to have someone who walks with you and guides you. A good mentor is empathic and thorough, a good listener and questioner, and has the best intentions. Ilse has purposely sought out inspiring people around her whom she could learn from, especially in the early years of her career. "Everyone should have a mentor, offering different perspectives," Ilse concludes.

  • “Ilse is a very active listener who uses smooth talk to get to the cause of the difficulties. She makes me think about situations and teaches me to look at the situation through other people's eyes. She does this very confidentially and in a friendly way and often refers to literature or interesting videos to prove things. Ilse is a sensitive person who can very well empathize with another person's situation, which makes it easy to build a genuinely trusting relationship with her, which is very important in this process. Everything depends on openness on both sides, and with her, this happened naturally. I would recommend Ilse to anyone who wants a mentor who is involved with their mentee and who can influence their day in a very positive way. A person who wants to see you move forward and is constantly available to help you grow. Ilse made me forget all the peripheral issues so naturally that my energy level went up immediately. I came out of the session as a reborn person, ready for what the rest of the day had to offer.“

    • Pieter
    • Head of Department
  • “Ilse is a very empathic person who listens carefully to your concerns and offers you concrete tips & tricks to tackle your day-to-day challenges. When required, Ilse dares to challenge your thinking process and offers you a different perspective on situations. Ilse frequently follows up with you between sessions, and it’s clear that Ilse truly cares about the progress her mentees make. I consider Ilse an excellent sparring partner for anyone in a management or sales position and would highly recommend anyone in those positions to start a mentorship program with her.“

    • Piere-Jan
    • Managing partner

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