Herwig Callewier

Herwig Callewier

  • Industry

    • Logistics & Transportation
    • Real Estate & Construction
  • Functional expertise domain

    • General Management
    • Operational Management
    • Strategic Management

Business Mentor profile

  • An entrepreneur at heart, familiar with family business issues
  • A charismatic leader and people manager
  • 30 years of experience in international trade, construction, transport & logistics.

Unique Herwig

My Northern star in my professional career as an entrepreneur and manager is to lead by example: be yourself, stay authentic, and then automatically, people will follow you. It means that sometimes you have to admit that you are wrong. But as a Dutch football player once said: every disadvantage has its advantages. Yes, we can! Stay positive, and you will inspire your team.

I have mild wanderlust: always keen to discover new people and cultures. I love to learn how life and business in other countries. It gave me a lot of new insights that I’m constantly trying to adopt in my personal and professional life.

I also try to work out regularly in my spare time: jogging, swimming, and, of course, padel since the Summer of 2022. I love to read and watch everything about history and politics. I recently finished a book from Björn Soenens on the Trump era in the USA.

My staff used to tell me that I was their guide and mentor. I sincerely wish to continue on that path and help inspire my mentees. I will listen to your story. I will analyze your professional situation. I will give you my ideas and perspectives on how to persevere, improve, grow your business, and excel as a business leader.

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