Ben Van den hende

Ben Van den hende

  • Industry

    • FMCG
    • Manufacturing
    • Logistics & Transportation
    • Consultancy
  • Functional expertise domain

    • Supply Chain Management
    • Project Management
    • General Management
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Digital Transformation

Business Mentor profile

People-oriented leader who is passionate about building and developing teams and individual careers.

Seasoned leader with >25 years experience in FMCG, with a main focus on Supply Chain, Manufacturing, General Management, Digital transformation projects and M&A integration

Thrives when working with a team on crisis resolution and large projects

In total 18 years of expat assignments in all continents across the globe

Early in my career, a person who I interviewed for a role in my team said, "Be direct and never relinquish being kind". That stuck with me as it is exactly how I would describe my behaviour both in my professional and my private life. Be very clear and authentic in your communication, both verbal and non-verbal, and always be respectful to the person(s) you are interacting with.

The individuals in the team need to feel appreciated, supported and respected for the team to excel.

I had the luck to have some great mentors during my career, who gave me guidance and the confidence to take bold steps. I got even luckier by being asked to be the mentor for some of my junior colleagues. Not only was I then able to provide them with guidance and confidence, but it also has each time been a great learning experience and self-reflection opportunity. Therefore it is with great joy that I offer my mentoring efforts through the Ambits network.

In my spare time I love to cook entire set menu's on my bbq's for my lovely wife Hilde and our 3 children. Any leftover bones go to our Australian Shepherd Zuma. In addition, anything with wheels and an engine (and preferably over 25 years old) makes my heart tick faster. In the time that remains I love to play a round at the golf course or take the family on a skiing trip.

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