Ambits Team Assessment

Ambits Team Assessment

28 September 2021
Veerle Seymus
Veerle Seymus
  • We thought we had a dream team. We were wrong.

  • Thanks to the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment, we know our leadership style. But we also wanted to understand who we are as a team, what type of strategy we are pursuing and how to optimize our team's chances of success. The talent optimization platform Predictive Index did the math.

    The result was not as we expected.

    We are four individual profiles with their style:

    • Maverick Hans establishes interpersonal connections
    • Maverick Gerrit drives change and execution
    • Specialist Veerle keeps the team organized and on track
    • Persuader David drives change and execution
  • We are an Exploring team: daring, risk-tolerant, and imaginative.

  • 🔺 Hans in the upper left quadrant 'supportive, transparent, sympathetic.'
    🔺 David and Gerrit in the upper right quadrant 'visionary, innovative, and risk-oriented.'
    🔻 Veerle in the lower quadrants, at the intersection of 'intense, competitive, driven' and 'efficient, coordinated, and well-organized.'

  • Strengths & blind spots of an Exploring team

  • Strengths

    • Ambitious and eager to drive things forward, you bring energy and excitement to your work
    • Quick to make new connections, you’re good at building relationships and
      expanding your networks
    • Always asking, “What’s next?” you’re excited about driving the market to a new place

    77% of people on Exploring teams report that their team excels in making decisions as a group.

    Potential blind spots

    • With a strong focus on speed and innovation, process and efficiency may suffer
    • You may be too focused on the big picture - and not enough on the details needed to
      implement your ideas
    • You may be quick to abandon your ideas if they don’t work perfectly the first time
      instead of iterating

    30% of people on Exploring teams report that their team does not communicate effectively.

  • Recommendations for an Exploring team

  • Self-aware teams understand their strongest tendencies and blind spots and take action accordingly. Exploring teams can take advantage of their strengths while addressing their shortcomings.

    Communication: Improve internal communications
    Internal communications are just as crucial as your conversations with prospects and clients. Share client feedback and market needs with all team members who produce your products and/or services. Ensure there are no silos barring conversations between departments that should be working closely.

    Conflict Resolution: Identify solutions together
    Conflict can arise when teammates committed to their ideas can't agree on which to prioritize. Bring employees together to 'sell' why their idea should be the primary focus - then work together to identify the best solution. When you can, meld pieces from each idea together to make something even better.

    Teamwork: Amplify quieter voices
    Reflective and collaborative individuals may feel like their voice isn't heard on a fast-moving team of people who enjoy making decisions and talking things out. Pause meetings to ask, "Would anyone who hasn't had a chance to speak like to add anything?" You can also check in with them during 1-on-1 meetings.

  • We are pursuing a Producing strategy.

  • Producing strategies seek to acquire new customers and build a strong reputation.

    Organizations with this strategy make a name for themselves by outshining the competition. They utilize tactics around pricing, quality, and delivery of products or services and set processes to unify teams. They pursue innovations only if they add value to current offers - or help distinguish them from the competition.
    Success is about market penetration and market share.

  • And then ..., we selected five objectives:

    1. Set up a new team or department that will help expand our business (INNOVATION & AGILITY)
    2. Cut down on waste and improve efficiency in our work to help improve the bottom line (PROCESS & PRECISION)
    3. Invest in our sales team or marketing team to help grow revenue (RESULTS & DISCIPLINE)
    4. Drive market share with data-backed decisions and discipline (RESULTS & DISCIPLINE)
    5. Drive growth through increased sales or improved customer retention (RESULTS & DISCIPLINE).

    The last three are in the 🔻lower right quadrant Results & Discipline, while only one of us is intrinsically driven by results & discipline.

    ⚡Utter silence when we realized our dream team was not aligned with the company strategy anymore ⚡

  • What now?

  • What to do next? Stretch a few people, add more befitting profiles to the team, ignore these insights, and hope for the best, ...?

    We don't know yet. But we'll figure it out. In a few weeks, the four of us will be enjoying a few days off-site: doing Predictive Index team exercises is already scheduled. And some wining & dining 😉

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