Webinar: Stakeholder management with user personas

Webinar: Stakeholder management with user personas

02 March 2021
Veerle Seymus
Veerle Seymus
  • Webinar 31/03/2021

  • 🎐 You've heard it through the grapevines: your stakeholders will leave you high & dry 😳

    Sounds familiar?
    💣 Right before kick-off, execs express doubts about the benefits of your proposed changes
    💣 You are convinced you've communicated well, but there are whispers the sales department is not behind your changes
    💣 Your 'ambassadors' out of the blue propose other key points than agreed upon

  • Successfully rolling out changes in any organization requires managing your stakeholders. Applying user personas is a helpful technique.

    Learn from Ambits mentor Valérie Bourdeau how to do this.

    Enroll here for this free webinar on March 31 from 08.30 till 10.30 h. The webinar is in Dutch and can be organized in English too (date to be set later).

  • Content of the webinar: what personas can teach us for stakeholder management

    1. General concept
      1. What are personas?
      2. Persona use and benefits
    2. Stakeholder mapping
      1. Parties to consider
      2. Assessing their influence on your project
      3. Defining their stakes
    3. Building personas
      1. Gathering stakeholder information
      2. What information is important
      3. How to gather your information
      4. Using research to bring your persona to life
      5. Maintenance of personas
    4. Using personas
      1. Active Stakeholder involvement
      2. Stakeholder communication planning

    Enroll here for this free webinar on March 31 from 08.30 till 10.30 h.

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