Feedback or feedforward?

Feedback or feedforward?

13 April 2022
Gerrit Sarens
Gerrit Sarens
  • Feedback is essential to grow, become better, and move on,...

    Yeah, we all know that.

    Giving & receiving feedback is an essential leadership competence each leader should have. It's, by the way, part of the Ambits Leadership Guide.

    Of course, no doubt about that.

  • That's all easier said than done

    • Emotions can hold us back from giving feedback
    • We are often afraid to hurt the other one
    • We quickly go into defense mode when we receive feedback ("yeah, but...")
    • It's sometimes very tempting to strike back when receiving feedback (let's be honest)
    • We keep on smiling when receiving input but are very annoyed on the inside
    • We often keep thinking that the other one is wrong

    If you want to break this vicious circle, join us for an interactive webinar on feedback, or should we say feedforward that we organize together with Bruce Fecheyr-Lippens from Huapii.

  • What will you learn in this webinar?

    1. The difference between feedback and feedforward.
    2. We will let you discover your internal blockers and fears regarding receiving and giving feedback/forward. We all have those, but how to best deal with them and be in a positive state of curiosity vs. defense?
    3. We will let you discover how it feels to be in a state of confident humility to rethink your beliefs vs. overconfidence.
  • Practicalities

  • When? 23rd May 2022 (12.00 - 13.30)
    Online via Zoom
    The webinar will be in English
    Register via this form

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