Accountability, the secret to every entrepreneur's success

Accountability, the secret to every entrepreneur's success

25 October 2022
Veerle Seymus
Veerle Seymus
  • What is accountability?

  • Accountability is the obligation to accept responsibility for one's actions and the consequences of those actions. It is the willingness to answer for the outcomes of one's decisions and to take ownership of their behavior.

    Accountability involves being answerable to someone else, such as a supervisor or team member, for the results of one's work. It also involves being responsible for meeting specific goals or targets and being held accountable for any failures or shortcomings in meeting those goals.

    Accountability is an essential aspect of any organization or team, as it helps to ensure that individuals take ownership of their work and are held responsible for their actions' outcomes. It can also help to build trust and credibility within an organization, as it demonstrates a commitment to high standards of performance and ethical behavior.

  • Establishing a mechanism for accountability

  • Accountability is an absolute necessity for living your dream. The biggest missing element entrepreneurs and business owners have when pursuing their goals is holding themselves accountable.

    Nothing is holding your feet to the fire without a structure in place. How do you build an accountability structure?

    1. Find people who keep you accountable and encourage you; you'll grow with accountability.
      🔥 Not someone you are too personal with because you know how to con friends, family, and close colleagues with your excuses
      🔥 Make sure they are equally invested in your success. You want someone who dares to hold your feet to the fire when you don't meet your goal
    2. Be crystal clear on your goals and priorities: write them down, set due dates, and share with your 'feet roaster'
    3. Schedule regular follow-up meetings and, thus, close your escape routes.

    With a structure for achieving your goals in place and an accountability partner to hold you to it, you can make your growth lasting.

    🔓 You must take the first step.

    • If you are building a culture where honest expectations are communicated and peer accountability is the norm, then the group will address poor performance and attitudes.

      Henry Cloud
      • Manager types

      • Who are you?

    • Ambits offers business mentoring to different audiences. Our mentor community is equipped to help them with their specific leadership challenges. Discover below what Ambits can do for you.

    • Young professional

        • Young professional

          • Kicking-off your career
          • Eager to discover your strengths
          • Find your position in the organization to perform at your best
    • First time manager

        • First time manager

          • Taking up your first leadership role
          • Moving from an operational to a management position
          • Discovering the challenges of people management
    • Middle Manager

        • Middle Manager

          • Positioned between first-line and top management
          • Balancing between managing up and managing down
          • Leveraging the potential of people & teams
    • Top manager

    • Entrepreneur or founder

        • Entrepreneur or founder

          • Starting or scaling up your own company
          • Experiencing growing pains
          • Eager to develop solid leadership to move to the next level
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