Elisabeth Kokken

Elisabeth Kokken

  • Industry

    • Financial Services & Insurance
    • HR Services
  • Functional expertise domain

    • HR Management

Business Mentor profile

  • Extensive leadership experience in an international environment
  • HR background in different companies and industries: start-ups - family firms - public companies - listed fintech company
  • Energisers : co-creation - build connection - explore challenges & take action

Unique Elisabeth

In April, Elisabeth went alone on a backpacking trip through Europe to find her factory settings: what do I want and what can I do? Self-leadership is her priority. You need to know what you want and who you are to be able to lead others. Everything starts with yourself and ends with yourself. She can recommend this type of journey to everyone, even if it is outside the comfort zone.

Elisabeth draws, paints, spins and weaves wool in her spare time. She also plays the piano, works in her garden, goes hiking, and takes her bike for a ride. She loves to read novels set in another continent and time (as long as it's far away and in another era). Currently, on her nightstand lies 'Leon & Juliette' by Annejet van der Zijl, a true-life nineteenth-century love story.

Her motto is 'Think small.' Small changes can have a significant impact. For instance, taking a walk before starting to work powerfully impacts her performance. Or taking time in the morning to greet your colleagues. Those small moments sometimes quickly solve something big.

Young Elisabeth, she'd advise, 'Shed your shell; you have a lot to say, gain experience and then work on your own story. Don't swim with the flow because it is the easiest way.'

In her first job, her manager's strong belief in her abilities made a difference to Elisabeth, she recalls. Though not her formal mentor, Alix de Brouwer took on this role spontaneously. She mentors naturally; she is a good listener and makes others grow in a relaxed manner.

Elisabeth is on a mission to bring business and people's needs together; because 'business first' is in urgent need of an update.

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