Workshop The Logical Levels

Workshop The Logical Levels

16 August 2021
Gerrit Sarens
Gerrit Sarens
    • Do you want to dive to a deeper level in your conversations?
    • Do you want to look differently at the reactions of others?
    • Do you want to look differently at yourself or others?
    • Do you want to see what lies behind difficult situations?
    • Do you want to be able to analyse problems at different layers so that the solutions forces itself upon you?
  • Then the 'logical levels' is a tool you must master!

    This one-day training is for NLP familiars and newbies.

    In the morning, we will learn about the model and in the afternoon, we will explore its different applications on team level, on online application and in a written way.

    Are you familiar with NLP and do you have specific questions? Pass them along when registering so that we can approach the workshop in a very focused way.

  • Practical information

    • Instructor: Nathalie De Winter (Comefront)
    • Max. 20 participants
    • Date: 29 September 2021 from 9 am to 5 pm
    • Location: Officenter Zaventem
    • Price: € 300, excl. VAT & catering
    • Register via this link

Struggles of a manager

Managers are

  • not or inadequately trained in this role


    • lack self-confidence
    • don’t know how to go from being a colleague to being a boss
    • need to loosen up on the command & control leadership style
    • must let go of the (technical) expert status
    • cannot give or accept constructive feedback
    • feel pressure to perform as manager
    • have difficulty building relationships
    • want to be liked by everyone or want to be the ‘bad boss’
    • play the hero
  • are struggling


    • stay too involved in operations
    • have trouble prioritizing
    • cannot delegate
    • fear conflict situations
    • disconnect from the team
    • deal with flawed strategic thinking
    • do not relate to higher management
    • lack clear communication skills
    • remain not self-aware
    • avoid difficult conversations
    • miss political antennas
    • ...
  • capable of more


    • need mental preparation as successor
    • need to be able to lead big changes ahead
    • need to learn to be emotionally resilient and in control
    • need to learn to make big decisions fast without all the information
    • must become persuasive presenters
    • need to learn how to cultivate their own personal brand
    • need to learn how to lead by example
    • manage by trust, not by fear
    • need to overly develop empathy
    • ...
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