When are you NOT ready for mentoring?

When are you NOT ready for mentoring?

17 May 2021
Gerrit Sarens
Gerrit Sarens
  • You have read several of our articles and LinkedIn posts on mentoring.

    You have thought about it, and you want to give it a try.

    Time to take a mentor.

  • Hold your horses!

  • Quite some people are not ready for mentoring yet.

  • These are the typical symptoms

    1. Limited self-awareness
      • Too many blind spots about your behavior
      • No insight into your strengths and weaknesses
      • No idea what you could improve about yourself
    2. No clear view on what you want to achieve with the mentoring (often related to the first point)
      • Vague goals
      • Unambitious goals
      • “We shall see what happens during the mentoring.”
      • Lack of accountability (“If it doesn’t work, so be it.”)
    3. No awareness of growth blocking issues
      • “The others are the problem.”
      • Fear to be honest about your struggles
      • Fear to ask for help
      • Fear of failure
      • “I will never be able to achieve something.”
      • Lack of trust in other people
      • Low mental energy level
    4. No growth mindset
      • “I don’t need to learn more’
      • You avoid challenges and obstacles
      • You feel threatened by someone else's success
      • You believe your abilities are fixed
    5. No time commitment
      • I am so busy
      • I have other priorities at the moment
      • Let’s postpone until I have more time
    6. No support from your N+1 or another internal sponsor
      • Nobody else in my organization knows about the mentoring
      • You don’t want to get feedback from others in your organization
    7. No genuine openness for the input and advice of others
      • More talking than listening
      • Defensive reactions to the feedback of others
      • “I know it better.”
      • “My mentor is so different from me.”
      • “I have my view on the world, and nobody can change that.”

    If you tick several of these boxes, it’s not the right moment to start with mentoring.

      • Manager types

      • Who are you?

    • Ambits offers business mentoring to different audiences. Our mentor community is equipped to help them with their specific leadership challenges. Discover below what Ambits can do for you.

    • Young professional

        • Young professional

          • Kicking-off your career
          • Eager to discover your strengths
          • Find your position in the organization to perform at your best
    • First time manager

        • First time manager

          • Taking up your first leadership role
          • Moving from an operational to a management position
          • Discovering the challenges of people management
    • Middle Manager

        • Middle Manager

          • Positioned between first-line and top management
          • Balancing between managing up and managing down
          • Leveraging the potential of people & teams
    • Top manager

    • Entrepreneur or founder

        • Entrepreneur or founder

          • Starting or scaling up your own company
          • Experiencing growing pains
          • Eager to develop solid leadership to move to the next level
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