Good leaders are great storytellers

Good leaders are great storytellers

07 February 2022
Gerrit Sarens
Gerrit Sarens
  • Do you know what Elon Musk and Jeff Besos have in common?

  • Not only the fact that they are both millionaires or they are both interested in conquering space.

    They both forbid their employees to use boring PowerPoints in meetings.

    And they are right!

    Boring slides full of bullet points significantly reduce the impact of your meeting.

  • To attract the attention of your audience you need a strong story supported with great visuals

  • Communicating effectively and inspiring & convincing others are two critical competencies of the Ambits Leadership Guide (level 2: leading the others).

    Storytelling is a tool that great leaders must master.

    Images, specifically drawings, attract people's attention and are easily remembered by our brains.

    They make your stories clear and unforgettable for your audience.

  • But I can't draw!

  • In this 90 minutes online workshop, you will learn how to build a great visual story in 5 steps without being a drawing talent.

    Compose stunning visuals by selecting world-class illustrations from the Drawify library.

    Axelle Vanquaillie introduces you to the world of Drawify.

    When? 8th March 2022 (12.00 - 13.30)

    All participants get a 2-month free trial of Drawify

    Register here.

      • Manager types

      • Who are you?

    • Ambits offers business mentoring to different audiences. Our mentor community is equipped to help them with their specific leadership challenges. Discover below what Ambits can do for you.

    • Young professional

        • Young professional

          • Kicking-off your career
          • Eager to discover your strengths
          • Find your position in the organization to perform at your best
    • First time manager

        • First time manager

          • Taking up your first leadership role
          • Moving from an operational to a management position
          • Discovering the challenges of people management
    • Middle Manager

        • Middle Manager

          • Positioned between first-line and top management
          • Balancing between managing up and managing down
          • Leveraging the potential of people & teams
    • Top manager

    • Entrepreneur or founder

        • Entrepreneur or founder

          • Starting or scaling up your own company
          • Experiencing growing pains
          • Eager to develop solid leadership to move to the next level
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