Book webinar 'Humanizing strategy'

Book webinar 'Humanizing strategy'

02 September 2021
Veerle Seymus
Veerle Seymus
  • The end of the summer approaches, time to start again with the Ambits book webinars.

    We kick-off with Geert Vercaeren, author of the recently published book Humanizing Strategy, on the 12th of October from 12.00 until 13.30.

    How to Master Emotions, Values and Beliefs When You Execute Plans?

    📣 Three out of four organizations fail to implement their strategies, despite consultancies, literature on the subject, and all available best practices. But why exactly do most strategies fail?

    📣 Based on leading research, real stories, case studies and practical tools, Geert takes you into the world of values, beliefs, emotions and often hidden underlying motivational forces that influence individual and collective behavior in organizations.

    📣 He shows how consciously and effectively dealing with these human dynamics has a major influence on the performance of your organization and the successful realization of your strategy.

    📣 If you are serious about making strategy a success, have the urge to keep asking why, and have the courage to take a less conventional approach, this book webinar will inspire you.

    - As usual, 10 participants can win a free copy of the book!

    - The webinar will be in Dutch or English, depending on the majority of the participants.

    - Register here

Struggles of a manager

Managers are

  • not or inadequately trained in this role


    • lack self-confidence
    • don’t know how to go from being a colleague to being a boss
    • need to loosen up on the command & control leadership style
    • must let go of the (technical) expert status
    • cannot give or accept constructive feedback
    • feel pressure to perform as manager
    • have difficulty building relationships
    • want to be liked by everyone or want to be the ‘bad boss’
    • play the hero
  • are struggling


    • stay too involved in operations
    • have trouble prioritizing
    • cannot delegate
    • fear conflict situations
    • disconnect from the team
    • deal with flawed strategic thinking
    • do not relate to higher management
    • lack clear communication skills
    • remain not self-aware
    • avoid difficult conversations
    • miss political antennas
    • ...
  • capable of more


    • need mental preparation as successor
    • need to be able to lead big changes ahead
    • need to learn to be emotionally resilient and in control
    • need to learn to make big decisions fast without all the information
    • must become persuasive presenters
    • need to learn how to cultivate their own personal brand
    • need to learn how to lead by example
    • manage by trust, not by fear
    • need to overly develop empathy
    • ...
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