Book review: Shift Makers by Bart Van der Herten

Book review: Shift Makers by Bart Van der Herten

19 October 2021
Gerrit Sarens
Gerrit Sarens
  • Learning & development with a fixed or a growth mindset?

  • 📖 Over the weekend, I started reading the recent book Shift Makers by Bart Van der Herten.

    In chapter 3, Bart describes the difference between fixed and growth mindsets.

    📈 In line with the Ambits values, we expect our mentors to have a growth mindset.

    💡 BUT: our clients and mentees should also have a growth mindset to make mentoring work.

    As Bart writes, if you look at learning & development with a fixed mindset, leadership support through mentoring will
    👿 only be used for ‘problem cases’;
    👿 be perceived by the mentee as a sanction;
    👿 make the mentee feel ashamed, or worse, humiliated;
    👿 not motivate the mentee to be fully open & transparent to his mentor.

    I think it’s clear that this can never be effective.

    Therefore, in line with Bart’s arguments in his book, I recommend considering learning & development with a growth mindset. Only then will mentoring
    😃 be seen by the mentee as a way to learn, grow and become better;
    😃 motivate the mentee to take up new challenges;
    😃 not be seen as a failure;
    😃 take place in a climate of complete confidence.

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