Basics of psychology and human dynamics that every leader should know

Basics of psychology and human dynamics that every leader should know

08 March 2022
Gerrit Sarens
Gerrit Sarens
  • When talking to leaders, when starting mentoring, we often notice that leaders do not always know the basics of psychology which is often the cause of the problems they encounter or create.

    Together with Geert Vercaeren, we organize an exclusive one-day workshop including a networking dinner in the evening on the 5th of May 2022 (Hof ter Loonst, Kampenhout).

    Geert will take the participants through some basic (psychological) concepts and tools. Afterward, participants will have the opportunity to share experiences and start translating these into their context.

    During this workshop, we will create a safe, reflective space to share experiences between participants.

  • Objectives

  • You will

    • get familiar with the basic concepts of psychology every leader should know about
    • have the opportunity to start reflecting and applying these basic concepts by practical tools in your unique context
    • have the opportunity to learn together with peers
  • Audience

  • (Senior) leaders of organizations.

  • Outline of the workshop

  • Part 1: Welcome and introductions

    Part 2: Getting started / Why this course?

    • Why do psychology (and human dynamics) matter in leading organizations, strategy execution?
    • Why human dynamics are often neglected in the professional world
    • Some basics on systems psychodynamics
    • The five key challenges and hopes of today's leaders
    • The 5 key steps to humanize your strategy
    • Reflection/Exercise


    Part 3: BASIC 1 - Decoding the human dynamics and discovering the real issue (The iceberg)

    • The difference between technical and adaptive challenges
    • Understanding the concept of the iceberg (BE-DO-HAVE model)
    • Understanding the basics of defense mechanism
    • Reflection/Exercise


    Part 4: BASIC 2 - Installing trusted relationships and psychological safety

    • Understanding the basics of trust
    • Highlights on research done on high performing teams and the importance of psychological safety
    • The principle of charity, a mental tool to deal with assumptions and improve relationships
    • Reflection/Exercise


    Part 5: BASIC 3 - Building reflective leaders (Becoming more self-aware about your emotions and functioning as a leader)

    • Re-introducing the concept of the iceberg (BE-DO-HAVE model)
    • Introduction on the basics of Emotional Intelligence
    • Understand what holds you back to make a change in behavior - Immunity to change
    • Reflection/Exercise:

    Part 6: Wrap-up, final reflections, and closing

    Part 7: Network dinner

  • Practicalities

  • When? 5th of May 2022 (welcome as from 8.30 AM; networking dinner as from 5.30 PM; end around 8 PM)

    Where? Hof ter Loonst, Terloonststraat 22, 1910 Kampenhout (5 min from the E19)

    Price? 599 euro (including network dinner)

    Register via this form

Struggles of a manager

Managers are

  • not or inadequately trained in this role


    • lack self-confidence
    • don’t know how to go from being a colleague to being a boss
    • need to loosen up on the command & control leadership style
    • must let go of the (technical) expert status
    • cannot give or accept constructive feedback
    • feel pressure to perform as manager
    • have difficulty building relationships
    • want to be liked by everyone or want to be the ‘bad boss’
    • play the hero
  • are struggling


    • stay too involved in operations
    • have trouble prioritizing
    • cannot delegate
    • fear conflict situations
    • disconnect from the team
    • deal with flawed strategic thinking
    • do not relate to higher management
    • lack clear communication skills
    • remain not self-aware
    • avoid difficult conversations
    • miss political antennas
    • ...
  • capable of more


    • need mental preparation as successor
    • need to be able to lead big changes ahead
    • need to learn to be emotionally resilient and in control
    • need to learn to make big decisions fast without all the information
    • must become persuasive presenters
    • need to learn how to cultivate their own personal brand
    • need to learn how to lead by example
    • manage by trust, not by fear
    • need to overly develop empathy
    • ...
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