Frank Timmermans

Frank Timmermans

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Business Mentor profile

  • A seasoned C-Level executive in technologically innovative industrial companies with 25+ years of international business experience
  • A global entrepreneur with a growth mindset. A solid experience in designing, coaching, and engaging with multinational teams in multiple locations combined with a vast experience in company transformations and M&A
  • Inspires & leads with purpose. Leads with an entrepreneurial spirit. Always looking for a sound balance between strategical thinking and execution excellence.

Unique Frank

"When Frank was just a boy, Frank wanted to see the world, and he did. Frank has been and still is a passionate traveler; he has traveled the world extensively for pleasure and work. He loves to meet and work with local people, experience the different cultures, and see as much of the country as possible. Frank's travel hotspots are the American West coast, i.e., Northern California, where he worked, studied, and lived for a while in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Asia Pacific with excellent memories of SE Asia, India, Japan, China, and Australia. Frank loves the outdoors. There is nothing more relaxing than nature in its pure and wild form. 

Frank's distinctive trait is curiosity, and he spends many hours reading. You will always find 'Meditations' by Marcus Aurelius on his nightstand, a 'notebook' containing Stoic wisdom written by a Roman Emperor who lived 2000 years ago. Other books to recommend? If he had to choose a few, he'd mention the work of Carol Dweck on 'Mindset'; Joel Peterson on 'Entrepreneurial Leadership' and 'Laws of Trust,' and all the books of Ryan Holiday, i.e. 'The Obstacle Is The Way.'  

Frank's motto is to "Enjoy the road you walk, accept what happens to you, and be happy with the little things of life." Above all, enjoy life. Keep in mind that life is short. Keep smiling, and stay positive when confronted with obstacles, especially those obstacles you do not control. In business, "Be the change you want to see." Trust your gut because your intuition is often correct. Think about the future, start leading, and be the change you want to see. 

No personal heroes for Frank. Ideas and stories inspire him rather than a specific person. But if he were to name one, it would be, without any doubt, his father, who never had similar opportunities as others, but worked hard for his family and a better life for the next generation.  

Mentoring allows for the perfect 'stop & think' moment. A mentoring conversation is a moment to get out of the rat race; it is a moment of reflection in a safe environment where one can talk freely. Frank is an active listener, supportive and communicative, and ready to share his life experience."

  • “Frank is a pragmatic, experienced professional who gives direct and calm inputs.“

    • Tijs
    • Products & Services Manager

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