Philippe Wattecamps

Philippe Wattecamps

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    • ICT
    • Consultancy
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    • Bedrijfstransformatie
    • Digitale transformatie
    • Operationeel Management

Business Mentor profiel

No one builds alone. First our parents, then our schoolmates and finally our colleagues, our managers... All of these people serve as mentors, even if we discover it long after this guidance. Their common characteristics: to trust without expecting any return, to push us out of our comfort zone, to teach us through concrete experiences, to support us in difficult or delicate moments.

It is time for me to give back what I have been given, to mentor others, to share experiences and to help others to grow in their professional life. As an operational manager or as a project/program manager, we are confronted every day with mentoring situations, towards collaborators or clients. To help them grow, to see them soar in their own career, what a pleasure!

My motto: "The sum of my failures is experience I can share".

I also like a motto found in a Seattle museum "Look around you, with 7 billion people on earth, there is always someone to hold your hand".

My advice to young Philippe: Don't change anything, don't regret anything, keep daring, challenging yourself and taking risks.

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Ambits Insights

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