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      • of leaders identify “attracting and retaining talent” as a top risk in 2034
      • (source: Protiviti)
  • Research among 1,143 directors and senior executives worldwide reveals that they assess the ability to attract, develop and retain top talent, manage shifts in labour expectations, and address succession challenges as the top 2 risk for 2024 – 61% of them still point it out as a top risk for 2024.
  • When looking at the ways to face this challenge today and in the years to come, the role of good leadership cannot be underestimated. Good leaders have teams that perform better and are more loyal to the company. Consequently, they yield better results for the organisation and feel more accomplished about themselves.
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  • Develop the three levels of leadership

  • The webinar series builds on the three levels of the Ambits leadership vision: Leading the Self, Leading Others and Leading the Organisation. Every webinar features an expert in the matter, whose insights are bound to give you an outside-in view of your own leadership style. Make sure to register (for free), so you don’t miss your favourite topics.

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