Michel De Coster

Michel De Coster

  • Industry

    • ICT
    • Telco
    • Consultancy
  • Functional expertise domain

    • General Management
    • IT & Data
    • Marketing & Sales

Business Mentor profile

  • 10 years experience in executive advice and coaching
  • 36 years experience as a manager in IT and Telecom market, connecting business and technology
  • Expert knowledge in B2B and Consumer Business

Unique Michel

Michel likes to spend his spare time on his bicycle or running. He is a motorcycle freak but doesn't ride his Ducati enough. And only on vacation can he find the time to read. Next holiday, books by Antoine de Caunes, Annemie Bulthé, and David Byrne's 'How music works' can be found in his suitcase. Making music, rehearsing, and performing is part of his second job as a bass guitar player in a band.

His three heroes are:
👨‍🦽 Marc Herremans: how good can you be for other people while life was so hard on you
🏎️ Ayrton Senna: how the best F1 pilot of all time remains a mystical man
🚴 Lance Armstrong: how he lived for his sport and overcame cancer

"Plus Est En Vous" or in English, 'There is more in you' is Michel's motto. You can do a lot yourself, but alas, people resort too fast to outside help. One needs to try harder to find the strength and the motivation within themselves.

He has no advice for young Michel. He traveled the road he had to travel. Many ups and a few downs colored his life. Now Michel is convinced that health is most important. Not being in good health puts everything into perspective.

A traditional coach "who said nothing" pushed Michel to look inward for answers. He learned a lot from this coach but dealing with bad bosses who were unprepared, chaotic, and too busy with their agenda proved to be a good learning experience.

As a mentor, helping people based on his own experience is not different from what he used to do as a manager. He offers mentees a moment of reflection in a safe environment to talk freely. His unbiased opinion, which at times is brutally honest, his mentees can appreciate.

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