Luc Deflem

Luc Deflem

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Unique Luc

Some bosses are born mentors. I had three of them.

More than having learned anything else from them, mentoring became second nature.

When I took over and became the group's CEO, it was natural to continue on the path they showed.

I had the pleasure of leading our group of 1600 hardworking colleagues for 14 years. We went through major crises in 2008 and 2011 but always stayed on course.

Today, I left the big corporation and focused on that particular way of sharing experiences and experiences.

I love traveling, music, cooking, and no-code app development—all with my lovely wife and partner in crime, my two kids, and four grandsons.

When the going get's rough, I return to my core conviction, "Happiness is a choice, my choice."

It is not what happens to us; it is how we look at it and act on it that defines our life.

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