Leander Kippers

Leander Kippers

  • Industry

    • Real Estate & Construction
    • ICT
    • Media, Entertainment & Hospitality
  • Functional expertise domain

    • Learning & Development
    • Start-ups & Scale-ups
    • General Management

Business Mentor profile

  • 17 years of experience in Construction, ICT and Media & Entertainment
  • Successful serial entrepreneur
  • Leadership track record in fast growing businesses
  • Active coaching and mentoring experience

The unique Leander

Having guided many an entrepreneur with the Wolves & Warriors in Spain, Leander brings a lot of coaching experience to the table. He is a people mover, steering the natural evolution of a person towards awareness, balance, and enlightenment. Known for his empathy and his terrifying honesty, Leander prompts people to be the architect of their own life.

To young Leander, he'd say to search deep for what YOU want and make your own choices.

Many moons ago, Leander founded an architectural firm. True to his calling, he moved from being a technical expert to a people manager. His motto is 'Architect of life. To be able to create is the ability to be happy. As architects, we create art to live in. As people, we create life. Be the change!'

No hero namedropping for Leander, since he can find something to look up to in each person. He meets heroes every day. He has the curious habit of inviting strangers he finds intriguing for a deep talk over lunch.

Sporty Leander transitioned from a basketball coach to a member of the Board of Directors of a premier league team. He still plays basketball and can also be found on the padel and on the tennis court.

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