Jan Van Hyfte

Jan Van Hyfte

  • Industry

    • Financial Services & Insurance
    • ICT
    • Telco
  • Functional expertise domain

    • Digital Transformation
    • Change Management
    • IT & Data

Business Mentor profile

  • 30 years of experience in Financial Services, ICT and Telco.
  • Strong combination of technical background & management experience
  • Track record in diverse environments (from SME to multinational; from local to multinational)
  • Coaching experience

Unique Jan

When not behind his desk, Jan is working in his garden or building stuff. An Arduino weather station controlling his chicken coop or a traditional brick pizza-oven, Mr. Fix-it finds a way to do it all.

No surprise, Jan likes to read about science and technology. The last book he read book was titled 'Black holes and time warps.'

Jan makes choices based on three motivators:

  1. Is it challenging enough? (if most people find it too tough, he's in 😲)
  2. Can I work with people?
  3. Can I learn?

Two ticked boxes get him going all right!

Jan's motto is: "Do not postpone what you can do now. First, do the things you don't like to do, then there's only fun left," he says.

Young Jan he'd advise learning about the economy since everything has an economic dimension, even more: the world is steered by economic behavior.

From his father, who was his guide and mentor, Jan learned the art of questioning and active listening. The answer to all questions is in the dialogue.

The time has come to share his large backpack of different experiences and enrich it by broadening his scope with his mentees' visions.

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