Dirk De Waegeneire

Dirk De Waegeneire

  • Industry

    • ICT
    • Healthcare
    • Public Sector
  • Functional expertise domain

    • General Management
    • Start-ups & Scale-ups
    • Business Transformation

Business Mentor profile

  • 40 years of experience in ICT, Healthcare, Retail & Public Sector
  • P&L responsibility in several types of companies
  • Proven leadership track record in diverse international environments
  • Active mentoring experience

Unique Dirk

Playing golf, cycling, and walking the dog are Dirk's favorite pass times, as is audiobooks. Currently, Dirk is listening to 'The Code Breaker' about Jennifer Doudna, 'Growth Mindset' by C. Dweck, and 'Triggers' by M. Goldsmith.

Heroes are, in his eyes, those who step in the shoes of a highly charismatic leader and succeed in holding their own, i.e. Satya Nadella or Tim Cook.

His motto is, "the grass doesn't grow faster when you pull it." If you want results, some effort is required.

To Young Dirk, he'd say, "Only real failure is failure to try. Look at the bigger picture and take some risks."

Never having had a mentor is a missed opportunity, according to Dirk. A fresh pair of eyes offering different perspectives might have set him on a different path.

Dirk wants to realize individual and team goals as a business mentor by sharing his experience and insights. Emphatically connecting, genuinely listening, building trust, daring to challenge the status quo is his modus operandus. Mentees will fare well on the path to leadership with him.

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